Saudi Arabia's first force arrives in Aden via Al- Zeit Port

Saudi Arabia's first force arrives in Aden via Al- Zeit Port

A military source told "Al-Masdar Online" that Saudi forces including military vehicles and soldiers arrived yesterday evening in the interim capital Aden in the south of the country, in the first Saudi military batch to reach the city through Zeit port following the announcement of the repositioning of coalition forces in the southern city.

The source said a Saudi military force comprising about 40 armored vehicles, vehicles and soldiers arrived at the port of Al-Zeit, west of Aden, before it began distributing it to the city's airport and the headquarters of the coalition forces, while some of these forces are likely to be stationed in the presidential palace in Ma'ashik area in the city of Crater, south of the city.

This is the first batch of Saudi troops to arrive by sea after UAE forces left their bases in Aden after more than four years after the Houthis were expelled, at four main bases in Aden and Lahj.

On Sunday, the Arab Coalition's leadership in Yemen announced the departure of UAE forces from Aden and Saudi forces replaced them in an official announcement, the first since the start of talk of a plan to redeploy the forces of the two Gulf states in the south of the country.


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