Records of prosecution investigations reveal new details about the assassination of Sheikh Rawi and confirm ben Brik's involvement

Records of prosecution investigations reveal new details about the assassination of Sheikh Rawi and confirm ben Brik's involvement

The records of the aden prosecutor's investigations revealed new details in the assassination of Salafist preacher Samhan Rawi and the involvement of "Southern Transitional" leader Hani Ben Brik in the operation.

According to the confessions recorded in the records of the investigations of the accused of carrying out the operation

The deputy chairman of the Transitional Council, Hani bin Brik, tasked the first defendant, Helmi Jalal, to recruit 30 members as an assassination squads to clear a list of 25 mosque imams in Aden, topped by Sheikh Samhan al-Rawi.

In early 2016, unidentified gunmen assassinated Salafist Sheikh Samhan Abdulaziz Rawi in Aden, the start of a series of assassinations involving prominent preachers, activists, politicians and influential figures in Aden.

The defendants' confessions included information that the vice president of the Transitional Council, Hani bin Brik, sent pictures of Sheikh Rawi to the first defendant, Helmy Jalal, through the application of WhatsApp as the target to be liquidated.

The assassination cell of Sheikh Rawi admitted that it received four pieces of Russian type machine gun in addition to a car Corolla and truck and a sum of one million riyals each reward for the killing of Sheikh Rawi provided by the vice president of the Transitional Council Hani ben Brik through his brother Salah.

Confessions indicate that the first accused Helmi Jalal was meeting with the Vice President of the Transitional Council Hani Ben Brik in the coalition camp located in Buraiqa road to plan the assassinations and the gun in which sheikh Rawi was liquidated by was "Tata pistol " personally given by Hani Ben Brik and was later disposed of by selling it by one of the accused.

The second accused Samir Mahyob adds in his confessions: "Hani bin Brik sent pictures of Sheikh Al-Rawi to Helmi as a target to be liquidated and I and Helmy and Abdullah went to Al-Buraiqa coast and we were chewing Qat there during which Helmi  talked to us that he would go to Sheikh Al-Rawi in the mosque of Ibn al-Qa'im and talk to him the we have a friend who left dowe not pray and wants his help for advice and that this person is Abdullah our friend and we went on the same day praying in the mosque at Al-‘isha  prayer and Helmi and i entered praying in the mosque while Abdullah remained outside the mosque in  the car and Sheikh Al-Rawi was present in the AL-‘isha prayer and was not the Imam and after that  We came out of the prayer Helmi went to Sheikh Al-Rawi and he said that he is a resident of Buraiqa or he lived in Buraiqa and that he had heard of Sheikh Al-Rawi and that he was a person with a method of advice and persuasion and he told him that he has a friend who does not pray and gets annoyed when he hears the Qur'an and asks the Sheikh to advise him to pray . He told him he is  outside the mosque and did not come in to pray."

The accused Samir Mahyob adds that "Sheikh Al-Rawi told him to attend the next day and it was Friday,"" the accused continues his confessions: "We entered the mosque praying Friday prayers and Sheikh Al-Rawi was speaking about assassinations and bombings and said that they are forbidden and after the end of the sermon and prayer we went to him ,the three of them, along with people and his children and some of the worshippers, Helmi told him pointing  to Abdullah on the basis that he is the person who does not pray and needs advice, so Sheikh Al-Rawi invited us to lunch at his house, but Helmi apologized to him on the pretext that he was busy and we agreed with the Sheikh to meet the next day and have dinner together."

The accused Samir adds: "The next day we chowed Qat the three of us in the afternoon and with the Isha prayer we went to the Mosque of Ibn al-Qaim and sat there and after the prayer we greeted Sheikh Al-Rawi and according to the agreement that we all have dinner, so we went out to the car and moved together and on the way we did not specify where to eat dinner and Helmi asked where to eat dinner, Sheikh. He replied to him in “Ba Nafe’a”. He said to him, "What do you think of al-Kuwthar restaurant in Abdul Aziz, so sheikh al-Rawi agreed, so we moved to the directorate of Sheikh Othman, so we had dinner and after dinner, Helmi said to Abdullah, did you deliver the money of the association,to your aunt's in AL-Memdara area , to which Abdullah replied: I forgot, Helmi told him, it is of we will go there  quickly to deliver it, and then Sheikh Rawi agreed. And so as we got to the Memdara I stopped the car because I was driving it near the houses of the army sheikh al-Rawi was in the front seat next to me and Helmi behind the chair of Sheikh Al Rawi and Abdullah behind me, so Abdullah came down according to the agreement and came back and then we moved to the project road near the school of Rashid on the basis that we are returning  and while we went up on a bump, Sheikh Al-Rawi wiped his face with his napkin and said no god but Allah  and then, Helmi  fire a shot at Al-Rawi from behind and extended the chair of sheikh al-Rawi and Helmi took the driver seat and  drove the car instead of me and I went back to the back seat next to Abdullah and we were asking Helmi "is the gun  loaded and he replied don’t touch it."

He continues his confession and then we moved to the back road  of the stadium after Helmi filmed Sheikh Al-Rawi after the execution of the killing and there Helmi stopped the car and took out the sheikh's papers and money and telephones and personal card and took it and waited for the line until the road became empty so he through  the body of Sheikh Al-Rawi and put it on the ground and on the road and then we moved to Al-Memdara to swap the car that carried out the killing is white Kia Rio to replace it with another car which is the car of the brother of Hani Ben Brik Salah which is red Tuscan type and put the first  car in front of the house of Salah Ben Brik and we took the car Tuscan and we moved in Al-Memdara line As we passed the line, Helmi threw documents and the cards of Sheikh Al-Rawi into a garbage that was burning and broke the phones."

The accused Samir admitted that Helmy received from Salah brother Hani Ben Brik four pieces of Russian machine guns, one  with me and the other with Abdullah and two pieces with Helmi "And told Helmi one time that Hani Ben Brik gave him a reward I do not know how much. He gave me a car  Corolla type  bought by Helmi and received the money from Hani Ben Brik inside the Coalition camp on Buraiqa Road and I was not there."

The accused Samir says: The weapon used to kill Sheikh Al-Rawi is a tata pistol and its color is black and the pistol is with Helmy and were  given by Hani Ben Brik and after a while Helmi gave the gun Abdullah to sell it and actually sold it.

Despite the length of time the accused have been investigated, the case is being conducted with extreme caution and the judges are afraid to call Hani Ben Brik, who came up in the investigation, that he was the mastermind and planner of several assassinations and that the detained defendants were merely tools to carry out the crime.

It is noteworthy that a large number of assassinations witnessed in the city of Aden, during the years following its liberation from the control of the Houthi militias, were recorded  and still registered  against an unknown person and did not know that there was no movement of police agencies to investigate and collect inferences and search for the accused.


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