Médecins Sans Frontières: 10,000 suspected cholera cases since the beginning of this year

Médecins Sans Frontières: 10,000 suspected cholera cases since the beginning of this year

Médecins Sans Frontières International (MSF) said that hospitals and health centres it supports  in Yemen have received 10,000 suspected cholera cases since the beginning of 2019.

"Between January and March 2019, Yemen witnessed a sharp rise in people suspected of cholera," the organization said in a report published on the website -read by Al-Masdar online-.

The high number of cholera cases "has caused serious concern about the onset of a new outbreak of the epidemic," the organization said, as the increase in cases came before the onset of the rainy season, which is a suitable environment for an increasing incidence of the epidemic.

The number of cholera cases handled by the organization during the first quarter of this year has risen from 140 to 2,000 people per week, the organisation said.

MSF added the health system collapsed after four years of war, stressing that "patients are not always able to seek medical care in a timely manner."

In late 2016 and early 2017, Yemen witnessed large outbreaks of cholera and thousands of deaths.

However, the efforts of the organizations put the latest outbreak of cholera in October 2017 under control, and reduce the number of cholera cases recorded in Yemen in a concrete and gradual way, before re-appearing again early this year.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), concerned about new outbreaks of cholera, said, "following the steady increase, the organization has expanded its response to cholera control, opened a cholera treatment centre in several regions, increased the capacity of the cholera treatment unit in Ta'izz, Ibb and opened a treatment centre Cholera at Kuwait Hospital in Sana'a.

During the past two weeks, heavy rains and floods in the Yemeni governorates have increased the concerns of organizations, and increased concerns about a large outbreak of the epidemic if it is not contained before the situation worsens.

A medical source confirmed to "Al-Masdar online " the death of nine people with a cholera epidemic in Abyan province last month, while the number of cases infected by the epidemic reached 650, among those infected from African migrants.


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