"Yamani" factory was damaged in Hodeidah and the battles raging south of the city

"Yamani" factory  was damaged in Hodeidah and the battles raging south of the city

staff at the Thabet Brothers factory in the southern city of Hodeidah (west of the country) said that the factory was badly hit by the shelling of Arab coalition fighters led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the loss of Houthi shells over the past two days

According to Al-Masdar online reporter, more than 6,000 workers and employees lost their only source of livelihood.

He said the fighting between the government forces and the Houthi militants intensified towards Hodeidah University, temporarily stalled at the eastern entrance of the city and east of the 50th Street, with the Houthis continuing to launch missiles as the flight intensified.

The battles led to the martyrdom of a woman in the Kamran tour and the wounding of many citizens by the shooting of clashes in several neighborhoods of Hodeidah city.

According to our correspondent, the Houthi militants have been holding dozens of Somalis, including women, in the Laylat al-Omar Hall at the intersection of Al-Hakimi and Musa streets.

He added that four of them tried to flee and were returned from Sanaa Street, after which the escorts were tightened until Wednesday afternoon, as fighting intensified, the Houthis took them out on board three “Haice” buses and “Hylux”, and drove them through Sanaa Street to enter Zayed Road towards the neighborhood of July 7, where the battles are raging.


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