Security Manager to solve the gas crisis and Gen. in the Army for the cleaning fund.. Militarization of civilian jobs in Hadramawt

Security Manager to solve the gas crisis and Gen. in the Army for the cleaning fund.. Militarization of civilian jobs in Hadramawt

"Assigned  by the governor of al-Bahssani.. The security manager of Hadramawt Brigadier General Al Tamimi conducts intensive meetings to address the domestic gas crisis  "This was not a joke, it was the latest version of the bizarre methods, followed by the governor of Hadramawt, Major General Faraj Salem Al-Bahssani, to manage one of  the major governorates of the Republic.

Many of the followers did not believe this news, which seems odd, had it not been that the Hadramawt Security page on Facebook is still led by the news of the meetings of the domestic gas crisis, headed by a security officer  holding the rank of "General ", absent representatives of industry and trade offices, and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Hadramawt

Commenting on what happened, journalist Moataz al-Naqib, a resident of Mukalla city, "not every crisis in the province we instruct the security Department to solve it, there are offices of ministries competent to deal with each problem within the scope of their competencies " He added sarcastically in a post on his Facebook page "Lamb (goat) escaped from the house, contact the Security, a weak internet line, they reached the security department, the owner of the Infinite refused to make milk tea, they complained about in the security department. ".

Entrusting al-Bahssani to a security man with the solution of the "gas crisis" is no exception in the way he manages crises in the province, there is a package of evidence of this phenomenon, known to the province within two years of the takeover of Al- Bahssani, in one of the most delicate times.

In this context, Al- Bahssani appointed brigadier general of the Army, Abdullah Bakbwin, acting director of the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in the Hadramawt coast, following a garbage accumulation in the streets and neighbourhoods of al-Mukalla city in May 2018, which then triggered popular protests and road blocks, The appointment is almost the strangest decision in the history of the province.

And the mission of Brigadier  "Abdullah Bakbwin " Not only to call him as a saviour to lift the city of Mukalla from its waste, the latter is the "Super Man " as some would like to be called, besides assigning him to manage the cleaning fund He also chairs the Committee for the Elimination of slums, and highlights in many files and incidents Sensitive.

Bakbwin scene, when he was breaks the street vendors ' yard in the middle of al-Mukalla, last week, under the pretext of "randomness " like the act of "thug ", enshrines the mental image of the citizen by strengthening the role of the army and security at the expense of activating state institutions, as the incident provoked the disapproval and anger of pedestrians, As a result of non-professional dealings with "common people" they are looking for riyals to fill their needs, according to activists on the social websites.

On the evening of the same day, a citizen posted a report on his Facebook page accusing Bakbwin of suspending work on an investment project and arresting two staff in a prison not affiliated with the security apparatus.

In the context of military interventions in civil work, the officials of the public authority for land in the coast of Hadramawt suspended their work in late 2017 in protest against the interventions of Bakbwin, arresting a number of employees and preventing others from doing their work away from legal methods.

Despite repeated incidents involving military commanders, the most controversial issue over the past few months has been the crossing of Bahssani and its security and military arms into judicial decisions, which was manifested in the disputed land issue between the Al-Bahidan on the one hand and Al- Badawod on the Second hand, which lies behind the podium on 60 Street, which was ruled by the judiciary to take ownership of Al-Bahidan, but the military deal again appeared by bypassing the judicial rulings and trying to empower an investor from the land.

The case saw extensive debates between the leadership of the local authority, represented by the governor, and the judiciary, represented by the Court of Appeal, where the latter accused the governor of interfering in the judiciary and violating the constitution and the Judicial Authority Act, threatening him with legal accountability. Which led later to a conciliatory meeting between the two parties.

Although the governor of Hadramawt has a long line of agents and advisors, none of them seems to have sufficient authority to carry out his duties, which clearly shows the absence of the governor, as most of the services in the city of Mukalla collapse, and here there is an important question, are these officials so weak or stripped of their powers, in favour of empowering the security and military personnel.

In addition to cases of arrest and summons of local officials, which occasionally take place away from official routs, the phenomenon of militarization of the city seems to be on the way to escalating in the light of the fragility of the state and the weakness of the central Government and the monitoring and accountability agencies, which enhances the influence of the authorities in the provinces.

According to the followers, al-Bahssani, through his dedication to the militarization of life, and entrusting his associates with the management of sensitive files to keep all files at his disposal, to avoid the emergence of civilian figures gaining a popular balance in his office, which has resulted in an administrative situation in which the agents have  honorary positions.


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