Possible resurgence of protests. Security authorities in Aden insist on not handing over the accused to the liquidation of the "Ref’at Danbaa"

Possible resurgence of protests. Security authorities in Aden insist on not handing over the accused to the liquidation of the "Ref’at Danbaa"

Protesters in the city of Mualla, west of Aden, the interim capital of the South, returned about a week ago to close the main city street to protest the delayed handover of two suspects following a security force believed to have killed a young man named Ra'fat Danbaa in March.

The young man  " Ra'fat Danbaa " who was killed by the fire of elements of the so-called "anti-terrorist forces" was the only witness to the involvement of elements of this security formation in the crime of raping a child in Al Mualla district about a year ago and then turned into a public opinion case.

When the family members closed the main road in Mualla the last time, Ra'fat's father intervened to persuade them to open the main road and waved his promises that the defendants could be extradited soon to be brought to trial.

However, the recent closure of the main road, which has recently been linked to the case of Ra'fat Danbaa, is a reminder of the lack of serious progress in resolving the issue, which triggered a wave of widespread protests in the city where the government was taking a temporary capital, and on the other hand, popular protests against irregularities Security personnel in the coastal city increase the pressure and embarrassment on security actors that include factions with a clear variation in visions, goals and leadership multiplicity.

The anger of the local population, however, is that the security forces in Aden have, in their view, been used in power struggles, which disrupted the scene within the city, which is the internationally recognized centre of government.

Attempts to dilute the case

Ra'fat  brother said to AL-Masdar online "The security committee, which was formed by the interior minister to investigate the murder of his brother, is still in contact with them, but in the meantime he pointed to the lack of concrete and real progress in resolving the issue, The terms of the agreement to be resolved, which includes the arrest of individuals involved in firing at Ra'fat, which has not yet occurred.

Danbaa said that there was a lack of clarity and manipulation on the part of the Committee regarding the extradition of the accused, as the agreed 15-day deadline had been spent more than a week without any progress being made on the case file.

"They have witnesses to prove the involvement of security personnel in the murder of his brother and he pointed out that they have other things that he did not call," Danbaa told Al-Masdar online.

We deny  that the person who was rumored to be the leader of the group and handed over by the anti-terror forces is indeed one of the defendants in the attack on his brother, Danbaa said to Al-Masdar.

The Commission had provided them with promises of extradition, but so far the main suspects remained free and no one of the accused had been extradited.

Danbaa said his family did not want to exploit the case of Ref’at death in favour of internal conflicts in Aden, reiterating that his brother's case was a fair one, and it became  a case of the people of Aden.

"If the delay in handing over the defendants in Ref’at’s death continues, the prospects for a response are many, but no one has been identified," Danbaa said.

How did Ref’at killed?

A private source told "Al-Masdar online" that the incident of the death of the soldier Ref’at Danbaa had been planned for some time, since, months ago, young Ref’at clashed with a person named "Muneef ", one of the three persons accused of the rape of the child, "s, p" but the Court of Appeal that interrogated Ref’at, later handed he pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder of Muneef .

According to the source, Ref’at was ready to appear before the court and present his testimony in relation to the rape of the child, and according to the source, this has disturbed the group of defendants, which includes "Muneef " and others, which led to contact with Ref’at and attempt to testify and threaten him on several occasions.

When Ref’at began to testify, the defendants ' team used the influence of a person named "Taha " working in the anti-terror forces and close to the accused  " Muneef " to lead an attack on Ref’at Danbaa’s house in al-Kabsa neighbourhood in Mualla district.

The private source who spoke to "Al-Masdar online ", refusing to disclose his name for fear of persecution, said that the anti-terror forces did not intend to arrest Ref’at only as they began to get the order and the firing was made on the pretext of responding to the attempt by Ref’at to escapes, saying that it had intended to dispose of him in order to remove the accusation about Munif and his colleagues.

On March 1, elements of the anti-terror forces led an attack on the house of Cheb Ref’at Danbaa on the pretext that there was a compelling arrest warrant and according to local residents, the six individuals fired from a medium weapon on the house of Danbaa.

The latter came out to find out, but the security personnel surrounded him and drove him to a military vehicle  , and a few minutes later, Ref’at took advantage of his father's attempts to stop, to flee the force, but the soldiers shot him directly on the head and feet resulting in his injuries, and transferred Ref’at with his friend to a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital in Omar al-Mukhtar neighbourhood in northern Aden.

In Mualla, some of Ref’at's friends became the same force that attacked his house but were later released.

Will the defendants be extradited?

On March 5, when protests escalated in al-Mualla and Khormaksar directorates, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari formed a commission of inquiry into the case of the killing of young Ref’at Danbaa, but the committee, which included six of Aden's top security chiefs, has so far failed to extradite the defendants.

The committee, headed by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Musaed al-Amir, undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Police services, included General Ahmed Ali Masoud, assistant undersecretary for security sector, Brigadier Riyad al-Saqqaf, advisor to the interior minister, Brigadier Hadi Ali Obaid, director of the General Directorate of Criminal Research, and Colonel Abu Bakr Jabr, deputy director of Aden Security, and Colonel Saleh al-Qumali, director of criminal investigation in Aden.

The second article of the interior Minister's decision included the suspension of soldiers who were behind the shooting of young Ref’at, and the initiation of a thorough investigation into the incident and its motives.

But the special source who has been following the case since the rape of the child until the killing of young Ref’at Danbaa told the "Al-Masdar online " that the problem security committee does not have the tools of influence and power to exert pressure on the anti-terror forces to hand over the group that attacked Ref’at and killed him, and said in Meanwhile, the situation is similar to that of the Interior Ministry in Aden, where its presence is confined only to administrative matters, but it cannot control the security forces and factions, as the latter appears to be closer to the UAE.

The special source added that the anti-terror forces did not want to extradite their accused, but showed their cooperation and willingness to extradite the defendants in what appeared to be a kind of acquiescence to popular pressure at the height of the popular protests at the time, and said that the forces led by Colonel Yusran al-Maqtari, close to Abu Dhabi She sought to absorb the fury of the street in Aden, where it later handed over someone who had nothing to do with the case and believed that he was a prisoner to accommodate the case and the character of the attention of the main defendants.

"Al-Masdar online" contacted with a security source familiar with the case, after we had tried to communicate with a member of the formed committee, but we did not reach him, while a security source did not respond to us, after he initially indicated his willingness to respond.

The security source who responded to us told the "Al-Masdar  online" that the committee formed by the Minister of the Interior is striving to extradite the main suspects in the incident in the coming period, in order to start an investigation of the motives and causes of the case as agreed.

However, he did not reply to us about the delay in the extradition of the accused and the expiry of the deadline, and whether there were any impediments to the Committee's work, but he replied that once the defendants received the accused or any new cases in the case file, they would speak to the media at the time.


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