Houthis Militia released two Bank employees after hours of abduction

مسلحون حوثيون في صنعاء

Houthis militia have released two director assistances of the Islamic Tadhamon bank after hours of their abductee from the headquarter of the bank in Sanaa.
Special sources said to “Almasdaronline” armed men follow Houthis militia kidnapped Tuesday evening “Gassan Shamsan” and “Aref Abdulghani Mutahhar” and both working as director assistances after their rejection of discharging amounts of money from depositors accounts Houthis wanted to collect them by illegal way.
According to the sources, Houthis militia came back to the bank headquarter and kidnapped Ghassan and Aref in an attempt to pressure the bank to discharge amounts from depositors who oppose the coup which was included their names on Houthis blocked accounts lists last year.
Houthis militia have been forced to release the two employees on Wednesday after the remonstrance
of the bank syndicate and threatening of suspending the operations at all banks.  

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