Hadi returns to Aden Thursday

الرئيس هادي يصل الرياض بعد مشاركته في القمة العربية في البحر الميت

A presidential source said to almasdaronline that the president Abdu Rabbu Mansoor Hadi will return during the next few hours to the temporary capital Aden (South Yemen).
According to the source, the purpose of the return is to follow the ongoing military operation in Hodeida also he will spend the Eid in the city, the source did not clear whether this return is permanent or only temporary visit.
This return comes after the visit made by Hadi to Abu Dhabi which proceeded by Saudi effort to close the gap between the two parties after a year of disputes.
While the prime minister Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr along with some of his government to travel to the temporary capital Aden and it is planned for them  to arrive prior to Hadi Arrival

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