Coalition spokesman: the timing of Attacking Hodeida is appropriate

تركي المالكي

The spokesman of the Arabic coalition led by Saudi Arabia Colonel Turki Almaliki said to The Saudi News Channel “Alekhbaria” the timing of the attack launched by the coalition and government forces to regain Hodeida from Houthis Militia is appropriate.
He added all political efforts which made by the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffith to Hand over the port and the City to the Yemeni Government faced by Houthis repeated rejection.
The timing of the Attack made by the Yemeni Government and was supported by the coalition, the attack started with an areal air strikes by Coalition led by Saudi Arabia air forces which facilitate the progression of the forces on the ground but Houthis planted hundreds of landmines to slow the attack and the government forces is disarming those landmines he said.
Almaliki indicated that the attack is going through many axes.
Regarding the regional and international fears from the presence of Houthis on the west coast will ends with controlling Hodeida city and all Houthis threats to the maritime navigation will come to an end he said.
Regarding the Humanitarian situation, he said that the aiding process will start with the liberation of Hodeida city and there are to Saudi aiding  ships nearby and will head to the port as soon as its being liberated, the liberation of Hodeida city and port will be beneficial to Hodeida people he concluded

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