Hadi calls for the military resolution in Hodeida city

ناشطة: الرئيس بشّر وفداً من مسيرة «الروح الثورية» بقرارات تسرّ اليمنيين

Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansoor Hadi called today(Wednesday) the government forces and Arabic coalition led by Saudi Arabia to the Military resolution at Hodeida city and liberate it from Houthis.
According to Yemeni news agency (SABA) the president, Hadi said our government provided compromises to achieve peace but Houthis refused all the calls to it.
He indicated that the government chooses to use power to avoid the collapse in the Humanitarian situation in the city which have 600,000 residences according to UN statics which deteriorated massively during the past months.
The prime minister Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr said “ the victory on Houthis militia supported by Iran is coming”
He added the “the federal state which Yemenis agreed on in the national dialogue (2013-2014) is the only way and the guarantee to pass this crisis”.
Bin Daghr said in his speech in the third anniversary of liberation Aden to Unity around the legitimacy and its leader president Hadi.
He emphasized, “ there will be no negotiations out of the three references, the gulf initiation, and its procedure, outcomes of national dialog and the security council decision 2216, upon those our hand is opened for peace”.

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