Warnings of storms may hit Yemeni coast

ساحل العشاق في عدن ساحل العشاق في عدن

the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has warned of a disturb in Arab sea which may affect Yemeni coasts by the orbital storm.

The center said the storm will be combined with heavy raining during next two weeks.

The center called the citizens to take Precautionary measures to this orbital storm and the extension of a belt of cumulus clouds combined by heavy raining by the end of this week.
The acting governor of Aden Ahmed Rabeea has instruct authorities to take the proper measures to avoid any risks or damages may result from the storm on Aden coasts during the next 73 hours.
The meeting held by the acting governor with many governorate deputies and directors in Health, Water, and electricity, endorsed allocation of 3 million Riyals as an emergency fund for 8 precincts and increase the readiness for upcoming 73 hours.

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