A clash between Security authorities in Taiz kills 2 civilians

صورة للمواجهات (مواقع التواصل) صورة للمواجهات (مواقع التواصل)

Two civilians have been killed today (Tuesday) at Jamal street -Taiz west of Yemen.

The clash was between the security of the governorate and soldiers from Aljudairi police station.

According to a security source, the head of the Aljudairi police station blocked the road in the front of the oil company( the governorate temporary headquarter) which made the military police interfere and try to prevent them, the situation escalate and both sides opened fire, the fire shoots reached the governorate building and the governor residence.

The source added the guards of the governorate and military police respond to the sources of fires which led to the kill of 2 and injury of few others without knowing their identities yet.

The director of the police station Shaeif Aziz, blocked the road after the kidnapping of his son by Abu Alabbas , and he tried to pressure the governor to involve in his son release.

The clash between both sides have been stopped but the tens situation candidate to more escalations at one of the most important streets in the city which remains closed to traffic till now with a deployment of soldiers around the police station.   

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