Abu Al-Gheit: Iran backs Houthis to destabilize Yemen, threaten region's states

احمد ابو الغيط امين عام الجامعة العربية

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abu Al-Gheit said that Iran-backed Houthi militia has become a destabilizing factor in Yemen, poses threats to neighboring countries.


Addressing the 29th Arab Summit held Sunday in Al-Dharan city of saudia Arabia, Abu Al-Gheit added:" Iran's interferences in the Arab Affairs have unprecedentedly intensified and never serve Arab interests nor seek for their well benefits".


He noted that the Iranian have capitalized on the Yemeni fragile situation, formidable challenges facing the Yemeni people and coup d'état against constitutional legitimacy to encourage some rebellious gangs to challenge all political and humane rules.


Abu Al-Gheit stressed that all Arabs should aligned together, speak one single voice condemning this devastation, damage and aggression in order to re-establish stability in Yemen in the wake of year of warfare and chaos.

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