Pro-Government Forces Attack Houthis, Houthis Bomb Villages In Al Bayda Province

محافظة البيضاء

The pro-government forces launched on Sunday a surprise attack on the positions of the Houthi militia in Thi Naem district in the central Al-Bayda province.


Sources told Almasdaronline that the Popular Resistance fighters loyal to the government forces launched a surprise attack on the positions of the Houthis in al Mukhtabi, Kawaash, Abbas, Alkalta, Sharqan and al Kaws hill in Thi Naem district.


The sources confirmed that the pro-government forces were able to liberate the location of al Kaws hill and al Katala military sites, and seized weapons and ammunition, after clashes with the Houthis, resulted in the deaths and wounded in the ranks of the militia.


Meanwhile, violent clashes broke out between the two sides in al-Ajradi, Muhsan, Musayab and al-Ghoul areas in al-Zaher district.


In a related context, local sources told Almasdaronline that other clashes broke out in Jabal al-Hait and Jabal Samandar and strategic Jameeda sites in Zoob area, al Qurashiah district, resulted in the death and wounding of a number of militia elements, while two dead of the pro-government forces.


The militia shelled indiscriminately with mortars and artillery on the houses and property of the citizens in the village of Siloua and Deraa in Thi Naem district, which resulted in the damage of a number of houses.


They also launched intensive shelling by tanks, BMP and Katyusha rockets on the villages of Zoob Qaifa, al Qureshiya district.


In the same context, the Arab coalition aircraft launched air strikes on the positions of the militias in Thi Naem district, which resulted in the destruction of a military vehicle, and ammunition store in al Rakza area in the said district.

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