UN Secretary-General: It is necessary to disarm the Houthis

 جوتيريش المرشح لمنصب الامين العام للامم المتحدة خلفا لبان كي مون

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich said that the international community understands Saudi Arabia's concern about the Houthis attacks, and sees the need for disarming Houthis militants of heavy weapons.


He said in an interview with ‘Al Arabia Alhadath’ Saturday evening, that it is indeed a necessary need to disarm the Houthis, and it comes within the framework of a political solution to end the crisis in Yemen.


"I understand the security concerns in Saudi Arabia and we must find a political solution in Yemen to ensure those security concerns of the Saudi Arabia, and there should be no external intervention in the future of Yemen, and the solution should include the disarmament of illegal forces, especially heavy weapons," he said.


"Any arms supply at the moment is illegal under the UN Security Council resolution. At the same time, any missile launched against the kingdom puts civilians at risk. "

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