Houthis bomb houses, kill 9 people in al Bayda province

معارك ناطع

Local residents said that the Houthi militants shelled civilian houses, detonated five artesian wells and demolished farms in the Zub area of al Quraishiya district, l Bayda province, and houses were seriously damaged by the shelling.


They told Almasdaronline that "after the militias suffered significant human and material losses yesterday in attacks by the resistance on their positions in Jamidah, Ham Thra' and al Khashia' areas''.


In addition, 9 Houthis were killed in battles against the government forces in the vicinity of Al-Hamra, Souran and Saha mountains, west of Nate district, eastern the province, according to a field source.


The source said that the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircrafts launched several air raids targeting mechanisms and equipment for the Houthis in Shab Leban in the district.


In the one hand, Coalition aircrafts launched an air strike on a training center at the military police headquarters in Dhamar province, causing casualties among the group's militants.

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