Car bombs in Yemen's Aden kill 3, wound dozens: Medical Source

مصدر طبي: 3 قتلى وأكثر من 30 جريحاً بانفجار سيارة مفخخة في عدن

Two car bomb explosions killed at least three people and wounded more than 30 others including civilians on Saturday in Yemen's southern city of Aden, medical source said, in an attack later claimed by the extremist Islamic State group.


The explosions targeted the site of an anti-terrorism military camp with detention facilities for suspected militants, and the casualties were taken to hospitals for treatment.


The Islamic State's statement, carried by its Aamaq news agency, said two suicide bomb attacks had struck the anti-terrorism camp in Aden.



"The explosions terrified dozens of families living in the area who rushed to the street to look for their children," eyewitness Gamal Mahdi told The Associated Press.

He added that the explosions resulted in multiple causalities, including civilians, and were followed by heavy gunfire.

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