Coalition aircraft target a rocket carrier, ammunition shipment in al Hodeida airport

مطار الحديدة

On Monday evening, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition aircraft targeted a rocket carrier and a shipment of ammunition belonging to the Houthi militias in al Hodeida airport.


Eyewitnesses said that explosions were heard after the bombardment of a tanker carrying ammunition and shells at the gate of the airport.


Load explosions continued for half an hour causing panic for the workers and staff of Yamani factory adjacent to the airport and residents nearby.


Earlier on Monday, coalition aircrafts targeted a missile pad at the Air Defense site behind the May 22 platform, destroying it.



On the other hand, Almasdaronline reporter said that the Houthi militias failed to launch a ballistic missile towards Hayes and al Khocha districts southern Hodeida and the missile were fail 15 kilometers behind Jabal Al-Sharif in Bagel district.


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