Houthis attack teachers demand salaries in Sana’a

مئات من المعلمات في صنعاء يتظاهرن لمطالبة الحوثيين بصرف الرواتب

Eyewitnesses told Almasderonline that dozens of Houthis gunmen attacked on Wednesday a teachers' demonstration demanding salaries in front of the prosecutor's office in Mathbah neighborhood in the capital Sana’a, and forced them to leave the area.



The eyewitnesses said that dozens of  the Houthis military vehicles surrounded the demonstration before they assaulted it.


The Houthis kidnapped dozens of teachers and took them to the police offices, including Yemen Today channel correspondent,  who was released later on. Eyewitnesses added.


Weeks ago, teachers staged demonstrations and protests demanding the Houthis to pay their salaries that have been cut off for more than a year, but the Houthis have taken administrative measures to stop the strike announced by the Educational Professions Syndicate.

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