Humanitarian relief coalition says 74 people killed in Taiz last month

نازحو الكدحة تعز

The Humanitarian Relief Coalition in Taiz province, southwestern Yemen, announced on Wednesday that the fighting between the government forces and the Houthis-Saleh forces last September resulted in killing  74 people, including 13 children and 3 women, wounding 143 others, including 11 children. and 264 orphans, in addition to destroying houses, facilities, vehicles, and private and public properties


 In a statement, the Coalition said that 15 families have been deported and forcibly displaced from their homes, especially in the western and southern countryside of the province.



The coalition also pointed out that the health situation is significantly deteriorating due to the continued increase of people with cholera epidemic, where the total death reach 7 cases, and 8 thousand injured.



The coalition demanded the President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi government to pay the salaries of more than 67 thousand employees in the civil government sector, which has been suspended for 11 months in the province.


Taiz city has received a thousand tons of flour provided by the Turkish Red Crescent, allocated by the subcommittee in Taiz to government employees, and was distributed through four relief agencies. the coalition added

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