Yemeni political parties condemn Islah Party members arrest in Aden

وهيب هائل/ عضو المجلس المحلي عن الإصلاح في عدن الذي اعتقلته قوات الأمن وهيب هائل/ عضو المجلس المحلي عن الإصلاح في عدن الذي اعتقلته قوات الأمن

The Yemeni political parties issued on Thursday a statement condemning the arrest of the Islah Party leaders and activists by the security forces in Aden, the interim capital, southern Yemen.


The statement said the Yemeni political parties and organizations are following with deep concern the repercussions of the arrests campaign against the leaders and activists of the Islah Party in Aden.


"The parties condemn the extrajudicial arrests." the statement said.


"The parties express regrets for such actions and fear the consequences that may occur in return, in which this action might threaten the political and multi-party situation in Yemen affirming their absolute rejection of all the political targeting manifestations and acts of restrictions the rights and freedoms."


The Statement called on the national components to work together to face the challenge of the coup and the threats that threaten the national entity, as well as working for the restoration of the state with the concept of partnership of all, while the political parties and the southern movement shall be in the forefront.


Moreover, the Statement called on the Yemeni government and the Ministry of Interior to carry out their duties to protect the province citizens and administrative leaders from being assassinated or arrested or from any other practices against the law, yet disclose their circumstances.


In the statement, the parties called for the cessation of all law abuses and violations and putting an end to that, as well as the transparently and justly investigating on those violations, also the immediate release of the detainees, then rehabilitate them, and the evacuation of the Islah party headquarters in Aden, most importantly hold accountable those behind the exploitation of the authorities and illegally targeting innocent people.

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