Salman Relief Center: Houthis attack 65 relief vessels, 124 convoys, 628 trucks

مركز الملك سلمان للاغاثه

Samer al Jatili ,the King Salman Relief Center spokesman, said that the Houthis militias attacked 65 ships, 124 relief convoys and 628 humanitarian aid trucks since the outbreak of war in early 2015.


Al Jatili added that the center reached to the besieged Taiz city, southwestern Yemen, through the aerial projection of 85 tons of relief and humanitarian materials and oxygen cylinders.


He said that Saudi Arabia had received 603,833 Yemenis since the war, provided to war-affected people by 8.27 billion Dollar in Yemen, when 70 percent of the aid went to provinces controlled by the Houthis.


The Centers' projects in Yemen reached 153 through 86 international and local partners, taking into account impartiality and respect for the international humanitarian law." Al Jatili added.


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