Houthi sniper kills civilian in al Bayda, Coalition aircrafts pound military sites in Saada

صورة تعبيرية ل قناص

A local source told Almasderonline that the civilian Ali Abdullelah Abad al Zobah was killed and his brother Mohammed was injured by a Houthis sniper in their farm in al Zoub area of al Kirishiah district in al Bayda province, centeral Yemen.



In another context, two gunmen of the Houthis-Saleh forces, riding a motorcycle, were killed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircrafts raids in Shada district of Saada province, the Houthis stronghold, far north of Yemen.



The Source quoted eyewitnesses saying the coalition aircrafts also launched an air strike on a military vehicle for the Houthis militias in al Saya'a area of  Shada district.


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