Gov. forces continue advancing western Taiz,Houthi ballistic missile misses its target

معارك تحرير موزع المخا تعز الحديدة

Government forces continue its advances on Sunday northern the district of Mozza towards south of the port city of Hudeidah , following fierce clashes against Houthi-Saleh militants.


A military source told Almasdar Online that govt. forces have cleansed the areas of al-Hamili and al-Kadara and secured them amid ongoing battles in the direction of al-Arish area east Khalid Military camp.


 On the other hand,the Saudi-led Arab Coalition fighters carried out 3 air strikes on sites of Houthis-Saleh rebels, killing 6 and wounding 7 others.

Meanwhile ,Houthi fired a ballistic missile towards positions of govt. forces in Jabl-Habashi district west the city Taiz.A source said the missile was targeting sites of 17th brigade in Yafras camp, but it missed and fell at remote area.


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