US dron strike kills a person,wounds two of his kids in Marib

مقتل شخص وإصابة طفليه إثر استهداف طائرة أمريكية من دون طيار لحافلة نقل في وادي عبيدة مارب

A person has been killed on Thursday and two of his sons injured in an airstrike by US drone east of Marib province.



According to Almasdar Online reporter who visited the targeted place ,US drone fired a rocket on a microbus parked next to the house of its owner, killing its driver and injuring two of his sons who were inside the house.


The body of the dead man was torn apart by the airstrike amid state of scare among residents who are around the targeted place .

Almasdar Online was not received more details about the killed man.


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