Clashes between militants following ISIS and others following al-Qaeda in Qifa

معارك قيفة مسلح من تنظيم «داعش» في البيضاء

Clashes erupted Thursday morning between militants of the al-Qaeda and others following ISIS in the region of Yakla in Qaifat Radaa in Albaidha province in central Yemen.


"The confrontations broke out between the two sides and the voices of the clashes were heard at long distances," a local source told "Almasdar Online ".

A private source said that al-Qaeda gunmen attacked a camp of armed men in the dawn of the day in response to an attack on al-Qaeda militants before two days, according to the source, the clashes, which continued intermittently until the moment of writing, led to the deaths and injuries of both sides.


The US drone planes are carrying out raids on militants in Qifah, but the sources confirmed that most of the raid targeting al-Qaida operatives while no raid was recorded against camps belonging to armed men declaring themselves to be known as ISIS.

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