The United Arab Emirates denies accusations of secret prison administration and torture of detainees in the south of Yemen

جنود إماراتيين


A statement by the UAE government said the accusations made by Amnesty International to administer secret prisons and torture detainees in southern Yemen were untrue and believed that the organization's report was politically motivated.


" the Government of the United Arab Emirates have reviewed the  Amnesty International's report on prisons in Yemen, and rejects the report's totally and in fact, it violates the truth and reality since the UAE does not run any prisons in Yemen.


"The Government of the United Arab Emirates affirms that Yemeni prisons are subordinate to the Yemeni authorities, and their administration is the prerogative of Yemeni state institutions," it said.

It added the UAE had invited the Yemeni government to conduct an independent investigation into the matter.


Amnesty International issued a report on Thursday, accusing the UAE and its loyal security forces of keeping secret prisons, torturing and forcibly concealing prisoners in secret detention centers in southern Yemen.

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