He arrived to Marib. Houthis is releasing a French abductee two year after he was kidnapped.

وصل إلى مارب.. الحوثيون يفرجون عن مختطف فرنسي بعد عامين من اختطافه

Houthi militia in the capital Sanaa on Thursday released a French citizen kidnapped by its gunmen in a prison since early January 2016, during which he was subjected to torture.


According to the source, the kidnapped Maroc Abdul Qadir , a 42-year, arrived in the city of Marib (east of Sana'a) under the control of the Yemeni government, the authorities have assigned  a medical team from the Al-Marib  General Hospital to conduct the necessary care for him.


During his reception by Deputy Governor Abed Rabbo Moftah and general manager of the Political Security Service branch Naji Hatroum, Maroc said he went to a Marib upon the  French foreign ministry instructions.

He added that he had been kidnapped and transferred to national security, accompanied by a number of Yemeni and American prisoners, including American John, who he died under torture, and al-Houthi announced his suicide, along with Yemeni Jamal al-Ma'mari, who was released for a prisoner exchange and is handicapped by torture.


He said the Houthi was torturing him and bringing a camera in order to confess that he was working in intelligence, but he refused and then returned him to torture again.


He said the al-Houthi had looted his money and the gold in his family's possession.


After nearly two years of torture and intervention by the French government, they had been released and kept under in Sana'a, after communicating with the French foreign and paying a large amount of money, they allowed him to leave to Marib.

The extent of the torture suffered through scars and effects on his body was revealed by the Maroc.


Maroc, who works for the French company Oceanic, was assigned to the end of 2015 to go to Mukalla and Sanaa to collect the company's tools, and while leaving Sanaa International Airport, the Houthi kidnapped him without knowing about his fate.


The Frenchman remained invisible, not seeing the sun for six months, during which he was subjected to torture, including suspension, electricity, beatings, snow, and ironing. Daily, a year later he was transferred to the national security prison and allowed to contact his family, during which he said only two words, "I live... I'm alive. "


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