Integration of 7,000 resistance fighters into the brigades of the Giants in the West Coast

معارك الحديدة

The merger of thousands of resistance members into new military brigades, under the command of the government Giants ' brigade forces (composed of six military brigades), began on Thursday on the west coast of Yemen.


Military sources informed Almasdar online  that this was part of a field military plan to rehabilitate and train pesonnel and to give them salaries and military equipment , while the media center of the Giants forces said that 7,000 elements of the Tuhami  resistance were included in the Giants.

According to the sources, the resistance members decided to put an end to the randomness , and to engage in special brigades within the brigades giants, to take part in the control of the city of Hodeidah, under the leadership of general Abu-Zaraah al-Mahrami and the leadership of the Arab coalition.


Recently, the first Hodeidah brigade (consist of 2000 soldiers) , led by Yahya al-Wahsh, joined the Giants ' brigades, called the 9th Brigade Giants and completed their training with the aim of participating in the battle to liberate Hodeidah City.


In the past, hundreds of resistance forces were involved in the Giants, and their own brigade was established, and the brigade was named the seventh giants, led by Ali al-Kanini, are stationed in the Hees, and its mission is to secure the city from the Houthi attacks.

The Martyr Hassan Duballa Battalion, led by Mustafa Duballa, deployed in Hees, is to be transformed into a new brigade within the Giants ' brigades and will participate in the liberation  of Al Jarahi  and Zabeed, according to the sources.


The Zaraneeq resistance has also announced its joining of the Giants ' brigade forces, and a special brigade will be formed in the coming weeks, and they are expected to participate in the liberation of the cities of Beit al-Faqih and Husseinieh.


Our sources attribute the secret of the integration of the resistance in special brigades under the umbrella of Giants to the agreement of the leaders of the two parties to hand over Hodeidah to its sons after liberation from al-Houthi militants.

The sources said that President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi most  likely will support for this step, as the Giants ' brigades are one of the most prominent armed formations, administratively linked to President Hadi and operationally by the Emirati leadership on the West Coast.


The joining of the Giants comes in parallel with the joining of hundreds of fighters from the coast  and rural areas of   Tihama to the ranks of the Guards of the Republic under the leadership of Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, the Nephew of the former president.

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