Killing of Houthi gunman and injury of another and the militia burns home and farm in Dhamar


The al-Houthi gunman was killed and another wounded after clashes with a citizen in the Directorate of Otmah, Dhamar Governorate, south of the Yemeni capital Sanaa.


Witnesses and residents said to "Al Masdar online " that the gunmen had raided the area of "Team" in the OtmaH directorate and tried to kidnap the citizen of Saddam Hussein Maodah, who refused to surrender and resisted the gunmen, caused clashes between the two sides, killing one of the al-Houthi gunmen and injuring another.



Witnesses added that the Houthi had sent another military campaign to the area, looting and burning the citizen's house and damaging its Qat farms.


According to witnesses, al-Houthi carried out a massive campaign of raids and abductions in the area for weeks, during which they broke into houses and shops, including Al-Kuraimi Exchange branch.


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