Government forces are liberating new areas west of Qubaitah north Lahj District


The government forces with the entrust of the Coalition fighters have been able to liberate new sites and areas in northern Lahj, south of Yemen.


A military source told Almasdar online that the government forces today took control of the areas of Sharaf Ayrem, almksob, Almatka  Mountains,Mosheeh lakamat ALaswad and Al Mankh west of Qbaita.

According to the source, the government forces continue to advance to the Mkihal, Fadma, Akrob and Ayfoaa areas and to Monday markets concurrently with their progress towards the strategically-Jalis mount.


In turn, coalition fighters carried out numerous raids on al-Houthi militia sites and rallies in the outskirts of Qbaita, killing 6 and injuring 12 other members of the al-Houthi militia and destroying two of their vehicles.


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