A year ago, he was a groom and today he became a martyr in Nehm east of Sana'a

استشهاد عريس نهم


About a year ago, Hilal Khamis, a soldier in the government forces, was a groom in the mountains of the rugged Nehm district (east of Sana'a), with the drums of joy mingled with the drums of war.


The wedding was in a military location, and about the groom gathered his comrades in the military unit that belonged to her the 310 armored brigade, and danced on folk art, in one of the continual manifestations of life and joy in the country of the continuing prolonged wars.




But the picture of the wedding didn't live up to many, who began to charge the front, which is one of the most complex military fronts. In Yemen, in the war of the government forces and the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the al-Houthi group militants.


Activists and politicians in a sardonic and cynical language mocked the sacrifices of government forces, as monitored by the "Almasdar online", they said that the troops in the seventh military area of the region left behind the battles and went to organize weddings.


The insatiable front is one of the most militant fronts between the government forces and the Houthi, and government troops have been required to take a year of fighting to control the sniper Hill.

A year and seven days later, the scene is repeated, but in different details, the groom is in his coffin and is being lost to his final resting place, after being killed by battles against al-Houthi in a position in the same directorate.


His friends say "July 1, 2017," and "Our Hilal  Wedding ", and on July 8, 2018, a martyr.


According to his peers, the "Almasdar online " recorded their reactions, Hilal who descend from  Amran Governorate (north of Sana'a City) holds a university degree before joining government forces after the al-Houthi coup d'état against the legitimate government and their control of the capital Sanaa early in 2015.

His death provoked a state of rage among his peers and colleagues, especially after he was defamed and dozens were mocked him on social media sites, while ignoring his heroism and martyrdom as he fights for the dream of the Yemenis.


the politician Yahya al-Thalaya attacked the mocking of Hilal, and said in his blog on Facebook, «A whole year and only a week after the wedding of Hilal, was enough to know and expose the filth of the dregs of the souls ' ailments, and also long enough to write the last and brightest chapter of the story of a hero named Hilal Khamis».


"Those who are scarce and have said about the front of it is a wedding lounge, they said about Hilal and his companions that they live their honeymoon. What's your position now?


"Apologize to yourselves, you deluded people. The heroes chose their way and decided to pay the price."


The Yemenis are often able to go to the sites of social media in terms of the conduct of military operations in Yemen, and the military operations in Nehm have received a large part of those prejudices.


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