Ministry of Endowments sends warnings to pilgrims who wish to perform Hajj rituals this year

السعودية: غرة ذي الحجة الأربعاء

The Ministry of Endowments and Guidance Ministry warned Yemeni pilgrims wishing to perform this year's pilgrimage, of dealing with the so-called "courtesy Hajj visas".


The Hajj and Umrah sector in the Ministry of Endowments and Extension warns the citizens at home to deal with the so-called courtesy of Hajj visas under any name and from any institution, company or destination.


It explained that the visas were "irrelevant, unrelated and not responsible and that the hajj visas granted to the Republic of Yemen all were taken through the accredited Hajj and Umrah agencies and the registration was completed on 15 Rajab 1439 (1 April 2018).

"What is currently circulating is that visas are sold through brokers or fictitious offices and that they are affiliated with the sector," it said in a press release on Wednesday. Hajj and Umrah-Ministry of Endowments and extension lied purely and tried to promote and expose citizens to get their money through swindling and fraud. "


The statement called on citizens to "be very cautious, not to be dragged into such rumors, not to respond to these suspects and to report any information to the office of the Pilgrims of Yemen-Makkah".


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